At least 3.7 billion songs were streamed in 2012 from sites such as Spotify, Deezer and We7. 3.7 billion……..yikes! The music discovery and music listening marketplace is an absolute ocean of opportunity for us, as audio professionals. And yet, almost inevitably, a question we’re sometimes asked by journalists when this sort of stat comes up… Read More

We are intently watching how Absolute Radio are developing their radio products and strangely these are starting to follow a model more similar to Spotify and radio on demand services than radio… Absolute are imminently going to be offering in stream audio adverts thanks to a partnership with an innovative European Ad measurement and distribution… Read More

Radio Experts On Demand service is one of the most fun parts of our business. This is the bit where we work with all the great music sites like Spotify, We7, Pandora, Myspace music, Last FM,  Musicovery, Grooveshark and others. The opportunity for our advertisers is to place audio ads that generate targeted hits on… Read More

We’d all like to have our own radio station. So technologies like Spotify , Last FM, We7 Radio and others all allow you to access this world of Radio On Demand. And just as we would all like to have our own unique radio station, so it is that every client would like to have… Read More