So apps in cars are not anything new, ever since the release of the iphone and the in-car handsfree kit, it has been clear that the car dashboard is crying out for a set of car related apps. This year sees the US launch of the first car with internet connected apps as standard. OK… Read More

Barack Obama has created a 2012 campaign playlist on Spotify, including according to information on Spotify some of his favourite tracks. The playlist which was released yesterday in America already has a large number of followers, with an eclectic mix of music ranging from Mr Blue Sky by ELO to We Used to Wait by… Read More

IPhone’s at the ready SpotOn Radio Spotify apps at the steady…Further to our post back in November 2010, it has now been confirmed that Londons Underground will have Wi-Fi enabled in ticket halls and on station platforms ready for the 2012 London Olympics. Speaking exclusively to Mobile Marketing magazine yesterday, TFL director of strategy and… Read More

Yesterday evening we crowded round our shiniest 19” computer screen, coffee/tea/berocca/lemsip in hand. We intently watched the eagerly awaited Spotify press conference in New York presented by Daniel EK and others. In an Apple style presentation Spotify announced that they are entering the much abbreviated world of apps (primarily for their computer & mac platform).… Read More