We often think of our friends in the Nordic regions as being forward minded. So it’s great to see one of the UK’s innovations getting their endorsement. Radio streaming platform Radioplayer has been a great success in the UK, making a massive contribution to the large increases in online listening (RAJAR). Now it has been… Read More

Kudos to the great minds who’ve been working so hard on RadioPlayer . The Radio Industry’s gorgeous industry-wide online platform goes from strength to strength and it reassures, redirects, strengthens and expands the UK’s exceptional radio brands and product. You’ll find pretty much all of the stations on there, easily clicked on, easily listened to… Read More

Today on the 50th anniversary of the first James Bond film, here’s a present from radioplayer with love. Radioplayer’s app has launched in the itunes app store, with the slogan “UK Radio in one place”. Radioplayer which launched back in 2011 has seen a large rise in online radio listening figures. Not that radio apps… Read More