Radio audience figures released last week by RAJAR, show digital now accounts for 44.1% of all radio listening – up from 41.7% on the previous quarter. Ownership of a DAB digital radio also increased to 55.7% of the population, with 30 million adults now owning a DAB radio – that’s an increase of 14% year… Read More

Do you know what RAJAR is? More importantly, do you know why it’s so important? The next RAJAR results are due out this Thursday, so today, we’re giving you a very quick insight into Radio’s audience measurement system. What does RAJAR stand for? RAJAR stands for Radio Joint Audience Research and is the official body… Read More

Is it in the car? On the train? In the office? In the kitchen? When you’re out walking somewhere? In the gym, or just for those crucial 20 minutes as you get up and get dressed? The fact is, pretty much all of us listen to the radio whilst doing something else – it’s how… Read More

Whenever we talk to people about the intricacies of radio advertising, one of the things we’re often asked about is the value of using music in a commercial. Creating a memorable radio ad – one that stands out from the crowd, is always a challenge as every advertiser is competing for the listener’s attention. Using… Read More