The latest data from the RAB (Radio Advertising Bureau) has revealed that commercial radio delivered significant growth in Q2 2014 with total revenues increasing 13.6% year on year. It’s the best Q2 revenue performance since 2007. This is a significant increase in radio spend and it’s an upward trend that we’ve also been seeing at… Read More

We were in meeting with a client a few days ago discussing the various merits of a few different approaches we had produced for their sonic identity. And within the choice was one particular example which although it consisted of the same sound constituents – it was significantly more musical than the others And we… Read More

There’s loads of good reasons to use radio but here’s one that’s really worth remembering – Radio offers the least clutter of all mainstream media. Why? 1)     Because Radio has the lowest advertising content to editorial ratio versus other mainstream media, so when your commercial is played it naturally has a bigger impact. 2)     Because… Read More

Kudos to the great minds who’ve been working so hard on RadioPlayer . The Radio Industry’s gorgeous industry-wide online platform goes from strength to strength and it reassures, redirects, strengthens and expands the UK’s exceptional radio brands and product. You’ll find pretty much all of the stations on there, easily clicked on, easily listened to… Read More