With the next few months seeing both local elections and the EU in – out referendum, we’re already hearing a host of politicians’ voices. We’re not listening to their pitch (what they’re saying) but their pitch (how they’re saying it). Studies led by Rosario Signorello from the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA, found… Read More

What’s a great strategy to improve response to a radio campaign? At Radio Experts, we always say that the success of radio advertising can be influenced by many factors, but there is one simple thing you can do that will really help improve radio response and that is making sure all your ads have consistency.… Read More

Spotify the ad funded music streaming service has launched in Mexico, Hong Kong and Eastern Europe and is now boasting more than 24 million active users worldwide. Big numbers. This is an important move for Spotify’s service, establishing itself within these emerging markets for streaming music. And now that the streaming and music services marketplace… Read More

Whenever we talk to people about the intricacies of radio advertising, one of the things we’re often asked about is the value of using music in a commercial. Creating a memorable radio ad – one that stands out from the crowd, is always a challenge as every advertiser is competing for the listener’s attention. Using… Read More