Yesterday evening we crowded round our shiniest 19” computer screen, coffee/tea/berocca/lemsip in hand. We intently watched the eagerly awaited Spotify press conference in New York presented by Daniel EK and others. In an Apple style presentation Spotify announced that they are entering the much abbreviated world of apps (primarily for their computer & mac platform).… Read More

We’d all like to have our own radio station. So technologies like Spotify , Last FM, We7 Radio and others all allow you to access this world of Radio On Demand. And just as we would all like to have our own unique radio station, so it is that every client would like to have… Read More

Happy monday morning! As more and more people are now listening to both DAB Radio and FM Radio, a device where you can seamlessly switch between the two is long overdue. So I was pleased to see the news that Digital Radio UK are working with the major players in the industry such as Sony,… Read More